All members of the Independent Speech-Language Therapists of Ireland are fully qualified speech and language therapists with at least two years postgraduate experience.

The search feature on this website does not include every SLT working in private practice in Ireland. It contains only qualified speech and language therapists in private who choose to submit a listing.  To check on the qualifications of a therapist not listed on this site, contact www.CORU.ie. CORU is the statutory body for speech therapists in Ireland

This information is offered as a service to the public and members of our profession. The accuracy of the listings is the responsibility of individuals listed. ISTI does not accept responsibility for the content  on the individual members’ web pages or the services provided by any individual listed therein. The database does not constitute a recommendation of any speech and language therapist by our association. 

Members of the public are advised to inquire as to the qualifications and experience of the therapist.

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