ISTI AGM Minutes – 2018

ISTI AGM Minutes

3 Feb 2018 2.40-3.40pm

Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin


Pamela Raftery, Marijke Morris, Jennifer Grundulis, Rita Delaney, Margaret Browne, Helen Ruane, Shane Fallon, Fiona Young, Catriona Hanmore, Jackie Dunbar, Faye Godsell, Pamela Raftery, Neva Watchorne, Sharon Weafer, Perrine Cahill, Angela Denholm, Deidre Kiernan, Linda Coyle, Annette Quinn-Barry, Linda Kiernan



Mari Caulfield, Kasey O’Shea, Niamh Davis, Sarah Daly, Catriona Lysaght, Jo O’Donovan, Roberta Gray, Katie Delaney, Geraldine Hogan, Olivia Geoghegan, Janey McGardle, Tricia Curtis, Clare Salley


  1. Welcome

The Chairperson welcomed the attendees, introduced the committee members and clarified their roles.


  1. Review of minutes from 2017 AGM

2017 AGM minutes read and approved.


  1. Results of ISTI survey

Based on a survey at the 2017 AGM, fluency and first aid training were prioritised for CPD needs for 2017. As the IASLT hosting Lidcombe training, ISTI organised Fun with Fluency training, presented by Patty Walton. The first aid was added to the AGM to provide one full day rather than two half days throughout the year.


  1. Secretary Report

There was a drop in membership numbers from 75 in 2016 to 68 in 2017.

The secretary’s role has predominately involved responding to clients e-mails requesting therapists in their area. The secretary re-directs these queries to the website and if they continue to have difficulty finding a suitable therapist, the secretary is e-mailing client queries to all members. There are occasional queries from SLT students looking to shadow.


  1. PR reports and website update

There has been a dramatic difference in the twitter followers and clicks on the ISTI website. There are now 660 likes and 663 followers on twitter. There has been a marked increase in clicks on the ISTI website. Last year there were 600 clicks, and in the past month there has been 20,000 clicks.

It was also highlighted that there are two facebook pages, one for members and the general public (ISTI public group) and a closed group for members only (ISTI members page). The closed group is for paid members only and members need to request to join.

If you request to join the closed group, please make sure your name is the same as that on your ISTI membership details. If not, contact

Amy articles or interesting links you may want to add to the facebook page, it is best to forward to so we can share these details publically. please send information as a JPEG rather than a word document.

The website is back to on-line renewals, with payment via paypal. If ISTI run courses, payment will also be available via paypal. New members can apply on-line if they are two years post grad, CORU registered and indicate they have public and professional liability insurance.

Members are advised to e-mails with any problems in relation to the on-line system. However it was highlighted that all ISTI committee members are volunteering and so there may not be an immediate response.


  1. Treasurer report and review and approval of accounts

The finances for 2017 were circulated and discussed by the treasurer.

There was a small profit made on Fun with Fluency.  Expenses included 2017 AGM, Fun with Fluency, promotion of ISTI through the National Expo, and website costs.

The bank account looks healthy (€5000 approx) going forward into 2018. No tax is due. ISTI is running as a club and it is important that we do not make a profit.

Membership fees have begun coming in.

Jennifer Grundulis and Pamela Raftery approved the treasurer report.


  1. IASLT relationship

During the course of reviewing some IASLT position papers during peer review meetings, the lack of a role from the private SLTS has become evident. It was suggested that a connection between private services and service provision is required. It was suggested that a proactive role on behalf of ISTI would be beneficial and a solution focused approach be taken. Marijke discussed the positives of being on the IASLT committee, such as learning about how the IASLT functions. It was suggested that either an ISTI member joint the IASLT committee or there be a representative from ISTI to advocate for the ISTI and to act as a link person, with whom the IASLT may provide any relevant position papers to get a private practitioners perspective. the time involved in this role was highlighted.

ISTI used to be part of the IASLT SIG before they split. It was decided re-establish those links would be beneficial.

Members voted (all for, none against) that Marijke would contact the IASLT to discuss how best to re-establish links and have input into position papers and CPD etc.


  1. Committee members election and roles

The role and function of the committee members was discussed. Processing membership, general accounts, pr, website queries, chairperson and secretary for manning the e-mails and taking minutes etc.

At least two new members are required. It was also agreed that extra members could take a non-specific role should they wish to learn about being on a committee and to be an extra pair of helping hands. The benefits of being a committee member were highlighted in that it is an opportunity to learn how a committee works with minimal pressure. Committee members also get an opportunity to support the whole ISTI group and members aid in the creation of new clients.

Our main focus for 2018 is to keep the organisation steady and to make all our systems clearer.

The group meet on-line six times per annum max.

Fiona Young and Rita Delaney volunteered to join the committee. Catriona Hanmore is stepping down and Olivia Geoghegan is taking some time off due to the birth of her baby, but will remain on the committee throughout 2018.

Roles would be decided on at the first committee meeting following the AGM.


  1. Chairperson report

The newsletter that was circulated to all ISTI members gave an update on the work done by ISTI over 2017.

The sensory processing training was a success following last year’s AGM.

The national expo was time consuming and expensive. Marijike presented at this and took a stand to aid in the promotion of ISTI and in brand recognition.

The new website is up and running and is looking brighter and more engaging.

The Primary Care partner membership was interesting. ISTI were the only SLT representatives who took part. It was beneficial to pitch to the GP’s . Jen spoke at the conference about the role of ISTI which was a good marketing opportunity. The primary care partnership is due to amalgamate into a European organisation (maybe we will be speaking in South of France next Year!).

The Fun with Fluency was a great success which received fantastic feedback. Patty was a total pleasure to host and hopefully we will have her back someday.

The committee have decided not o host international speakers two years in succession due to the amount of work involved.  Instead, ISTI will provide €200 towards either SCERTS or DIR Floortime training which are both being held in Ireland this year. This ASD training is being subsidised as this was the most frequent request from our members in relation to CPD needs during our surveys in 2017.

As in 2017, ISTI will also subsidise other CPD events. If there is something that a member wishes to do, please write to the committee in advance outlining the nature of the course and it’s relevance to your practice.  Subsidise will be decided on each individual case but may amount to €100 approx.

You can not apply in retrospect as we need to work from a 2018 budget.

Nobody applied for these subsidies in 2017.

Should high numbers apply for CPD subsidies, we may need to re-think the process as we need to protect the bank account. Marijke thanked members for their responses to the survey monkey for the Podiatrist talk. She was discussing SLTS transition into CORU. The talk was successful and positive.

On-line journal club. The club had had two meeting to date with new members joining regularly. All members are welcome and there is no obligation to attend all meetings. It was asked that those who have joined the group RSPV for meetings. So far so good and we look forward to the group going forward.


  1. Prize raffle

Angela Denholm won free membership for ISTI 2018

Lynda Kiernan won an Active8 voucher

Jackie Dunbar won an OTB voucher

Congratulations to all!!


  1. Planning AGM 2019

It was voted that the AGM for 2019 be early Feb again.

A sit down lunch was also agreed as it promotes networking and positive connections.

Members were happy with the location in Newlands Cross, Dublin and the Louis Fitzgerald was recommended due to location and low cost.

It was suggested that 2019 AGM be on the same day as other CPD training such as peer supervision or training on the IASLT log etc


  1. AOB

There was no AOB


Minute Taker

Faye Godsell

ISTI membership secretary 2018


ISTI Admin

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