Fiona Suttle

Practice Name: CATTS Ireland
Email: [email protected]

Address: I see clients nationwide online through teletherapy.

About my practice

Hi, I am a member of the CATTS Online Therapy practice (  We use the latest technologies and fun, engaging methods to deliver therapy sessions through Zoom. The CATTS practice see people from 6 weeks of age to adults! I LOVE working with children with a broad range of speech and language needs, and I have a strong passion for early intervention. I always try to give practical tips to integrate early communication techniques into your everyday routines.  My area of clincal focus is on children from 6 weeks to 10 years of age who may have difficulties such as Speech Delay, Speech Sound Disorder, ASD.To see how therapy works for the very young children, please take a look at our explainer here: Click on the link to our practice ( and go to the age range for the person you are seeking help for to understand how we can assist you, and what the next steps are. If you are wondering if your child may need assistance or not, we have some quick screeners which can help you decide. Just remember, you are the expert on your child, if you have a concern about their communication development whatsoever, it is always best to get it checked out by a fully qualified Speech and Language Therapist. We also have a wide range of parent courses (free and fee based), on our sister website ( Thanks for reading.

Availability: I am available during weekdays from Monday to Thursday by appointment. If I am unavailable myself, one of my practice colleagues at CATTS should be able to assist you. All new referrals to CATTS first go through our Practice Manager (Joe), so that we can get more information on your specific needs. As we are an online therapy practice, each therapist on our team focuses and excels on specific areas of communication. If our Clinical Director feels that a colleague may be able to better suit your needs, we will advise you accordinly at the time.

Qualification: MSc in Speech and Language Therapy, University of Limerick (2020)

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