Linda Kearns

Linda Kearns

Practice Name: Linda Kearns Speech and Language Therapy
Email: [email protected]
CORU Number: SL024354
Year of Qualification: 2017

Address: Maynooth

About my practice

Linda is a Senior Speech and Language Therapist working in the public sector who offers 7 years of clinical experience working with both children and adults across various settings. She is offering a limited paediatric service for children presenting with speech sound/pronunciation difficulties. She helps children to reach their communication potential by instilling them with confidence while simultaneously having fun during therapy sessions. It’s imperative that children can communicate effectively with their communication partners as they transition through the early years, in line with their social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive development. Send Linda an email if your child is having difficulties acquiring speech sounds and you wish to avail of a block of therapy input. Please include some information about specific difficulties your child is experiencing and location.

Availability: Monday-Friday (evening slots from 4:30pm only)

Qualification: BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy

Areas Treated


In Person Speech Therapy Locations

Online Speech Therapy

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