• Marijke Morris

    Marijke Morris

    Marijke is offering online speech and language therapy services at present. Read more about online therapy here: https://www.cattsireland.com/

  • Jennifer Grundulis

    Jennifer Grundulis

    Jennifer has more than 20 years experience in Speech and Language Therapy, graduating from Syracuse University and University of Texas in Dallas.

  • Pamela Raftery

    Pamela Raftery

    As a parent myself of 3 young children, I fully understand the anxiety that comes from discovering that your child is struggling or needs help in a particular area.

  • Catriona Lysaght

    Catriona Lysaght

    At the Speech Centre, I work closely with a team of Speech & Language Therapists, providing a high quality service to children and adults around Ireland.

  • Sinead Dalton

    Sinead Dalton

  • Niamh Davis

    Niamh Davis

    Niamh is a highly skilled Therapist who has extensive experience working with adults with communication and swallowing difficulties.