AGM 2019


Saturday 09.02.2019, 1.15pm-2.30pm

Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin




Marijke Morris, Jennifer Grundulis, Rita Delaney, Faye Godsell, Olivia Geoghegan, Fiona Young, Pamela Raftery, Caroline Riordan, Catriona Lysaght, Shane Fallon, Sharon Weafer, Deirdre Kiernan, Leslie Moore, Angela Denholm, Jackie Dunbar-Lanigan



Geraldine Hogan, Clare Salley, Dominika Lisiecka, Annette Quinn-Barry, Sorcha McManus, Sarah Daly, Joanna Elomari, Helen Ruane, Geraldine Casey, Tara Kearns



Fiona Young (ISTI Secretary)




  1. Welcome – Chairperson
  2. Review of Minutes from 2018 AGM
  3. Chairperson Report and Goals for 2019
  4. PR Report and Website Update
  5. Treasurer Report and Review and Approval of Accounts
  6. Private vs Public SLT Relationships
  7. Prize Raffle
  8. Planning AGM 2020
  9. AOB




  1. Welcome

The Chairperson, Marijke Morris, welcomed the attendees to the AGM.


  1. Review of Minutes from 2018 AGM

2018 AGM minutes were read and approved, proposed by Pamela Raftery and seconded by Rita Delaney.


  1. Chairperson Report

Committee members were introduced and their roles on committee outlined.

Last year’s AGM included First Aid Training and a talk on GDPR from Grainne O’Donovan.

Last year’s marketing event was a school expo which took place in the RDS.  Only one volunteer came forward to help.  Footfall was limited and other marketing options will be looked at for next year.


Marijke was invited to attend the ASLTIP Conference in London in March. ASLTIP has 2500 members and host a conference for members every year with several streams of different topics.  They also hold online meetings and have various support groups.  It has been a positive experience to link in with the Chair of ASLTIP as there are common issues and it is recommended that future chairs will similarly establish this link.


A GDPR working group was set up – Linda Coyle, Faye Godsell, Neva Watchorne, Deirdre Kiernan and Marijke Morris.  The group met online and developed draft documents for members.  IASLT were sent a copy of the documents for ratification.  The documents were also shared with ASLTIP as there was no RCSLT policy in place.


The online Journal Club met six times during 2018 and discussed a range of different articles.  On average 4 to 6 members attend each meeting.  An explanation was given on how the meeting works.  The club is very successful. The next meeting will take place on 6th March 2019.  Members can email if they would like to join.


A membership CPD survey was held in March 2018.  26 responses were received.  Overall feedback was very positive.  Positive feedback was received in relation to the website, Journal Club, CPD events, facebook, communication, sharing of information in relation to courses, Fun with Fluency course, promoting ISTI, newsletter and AGM.  Feedback on suggestions included resource sharing, peer supervision, mentoring, information on running a business, advertising – GP buddy list, supervisor / supervisee database, and quicker processing of membership.  Main topics requested for CPD for paediatrics were ASD, Fluency (adolescents), semantics, grammar and syntax (other than Shapecoding) and CAPD.  Main topics requested for CPD for adults were rehab -post acute, word finding, apraxia, voice and CBT.  Other CPD requests included website, fecebook for business, peer supervision, CPD evaluation and ethics compliance.

  1. PR Report and Website Update

ISTI has twitter, facebook and the website.  There has been a 30% increase in website traffic from last year.  If members would like something put on to the facebook page, it should ideally be sent to PR as a JPEG file.  Website searches include organic searching, use of the website address, the term speech and language therapy and the search for specific names.  List of the top 25 names searched was presented, and it was clarified that a lower bounce rate would indicate a longer time spent on the page.  While a higher bounce rate would indicate a shorter time spent on a page, this could be explained by obtaining required information and leaving the page. In order to increase searches, profiles should be updated to include google friendly terms, including speech and language therapist, location and further information.  More clicks are likely when a photograph and a banner are added to profiles.

Efforts have been made to make the website more user friendly.  Members can log in to renew membership and receipts are issued immediately.  The option of deactivating a profile is given.  New member applications need to be approved prior to payment.  If members have not renewed by the beginning of March, their profiles will not be active. Data is being retained for one year and then deleted.

A query was made regarding classifications on the list of disorders on the website.  If these do not suit members an email requesting changes can be sent to


  1. Treasurer Report

The income and expenditure account for 2018 was circulated and discussed.  Income is derived from membership fees.  Expenses during the year included CPD events, promotions and consultancy fees (in relation to GDPR).  It was indicated that the current balance in the account could no longer allow for CPD subsidies for members.  This was put to members present at the AGM and it was unanimously decided to stop subsidies for courses for the next year.  This could be revisited in the future dependent on available funds.

Treasurer report was approved by Jennifer Grundulis and seconded by Pamela Raftery.


  1. Public vs Private SLT Relationships

It was not possible for the working group on ‘Public versus Private SLT Relationships’ to proceed, as all five people who volunteered were private SLTs.  There are a number of issues that need to be addressed and it was questioned whether this could be moved forward by ISTI.  Rather than forming a working group within ISTI, it was felt a better option would be to have a public therapist in a working group.  ISTI chair will thus contact IASLT chair with a request to reopen the group and ask for a HSE therapist to volunteer.

In relation to public private relationships, it has been the experience of therapists that there are times when parents request that private therapists do not share information with public therapists.  Parents can be advised that it is best practice to contact public therapists but that their permission would be needed.


  1. Prize Raffle

Congratulations to winners of the prize raffle.

Deirdre Kiernan won free ISTI membership for 2019.

Shane Fallon won a voucher for Thinking Toys.

Leslie Moore won a voucher for Outside the Box.


  1. Planning AGM 2020

Members were happy with the venue and location for the AGM (Louis Fitzgerald, Newlands Cross, Dublin).  CPD training on peer supervision is an option for the next AGM.

The possibility of setting up a social meeting for ISTI members without any specific agenda for the purposes of mutual support was suggested and will be further discussed by the committee.


  1. AOB

Catriona Lysaght indicated that UCC had requested placement for students within a private setting.  Discussion took place and it was suggested that a policy document on taking students (including cost implications) be drawn up.  It was felt that ISTI would need to establish a relationship with a specific university / universities. A working group was set up for further discussion and to draw up a policy.  Olivia Geoghegan, Catriona Lysaght, Deirdre Kiernan and Caroline Riordan volunteered for the working group.