Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions:

ISTI is an association of experienced Speech and Language Therapists practicing independently in Ireland.  The organisation serves as a directory for members of the public to find a private Speech and Language Therapist in Ireland. All ISTI members have a minimumum of 2-years post-graduate experience and must be registered with CORU, the professional regulatory body of Ireland.

Please note: ISTI is an association with an online directory of members who are private SLTS. ISTI does not employ any therapists nor and does not provide any therapy services. 

You can use the map to find a therapist near your location. Have you also considered looking for an online therapist? Research shows that telehealth for speech and language therapy is as efficient and effective as in-person therapy. Please visit the ‘find an online therapist’ to search for a therapist who provides online services. 

ISTI is an organisation of private SLTs practising in Ireland who are qualified and registered with CORU. ISTI does not employ any SLTs. To make an appointment with a Speech and Language Therapist, please use the search facility and make contact with therapists directly. 

The search facility has been upgraded to make it easier to find a therapist. You can search for a therapist who provides in-person or online services and the checkboxes will allow you to filter your search by location or areas treated. For more details about services, rates and availability, please contact therapists directly.  

You can choose to visit a private SLT even if you also attend a public therapist. However it is best practice that both therapists are in contact with each other to work together and co-ordinate their input. All Speech and Language Therapists working in Ireland are bound by the Code of Ethics by CORU, Ireland’s multi-profession health regulator responsible for regulating health and social care professionals. 

Early intervention is key in helping children with their speech, language and communication skills. Depending on the difficulty, it may be appropriate to intervene right from the first months of life when critical advice can be given to advance communication development. In these early stages, parents can learn invaluable techniques to use in the child’s natural environment. If you suspect that your child’s speech, language or communication is delayed, you should seek the advice of a speech and language therapist.

The fees for assessment and therapy services vary according to location to reflect business running costs and therapist  expertise. Rates and costs should be transparent and available for you before you begin any sessions. Some private health insurance policies cover Speech and Language Therapy services so check with your provider for the details on your policy. All ISTI members are CORU-registered which is a requirement for insurance policy claims. 


The Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Private Practice (IASLTPP) was renamed Independent Speech-Language Therapists in Ireland (ISTI) in January 2015.  So the IASLTPP hasn’t gone anywhere, we’ve just changed our name!

ISTI is an organisation of private Speech and Language Therapists which serves as a directory of private SLTs in Ireland. ISTI does not employ any SLTs or provide any therapy services directly.

If you would like to get in touch with ISTI, please email [email protected] and we will try to help you with your query.

Please note that ISTI has limited paid administration resources and the ISTI committee is run by volunteers, so we would be grateful of your patience while we respond to your query. 

When members join or renew with ISTI, their CORU registration is verified by ISTI. However,  as maintaining their CORU registration is the obligation of individual SLTs, ISTI encourage all visitors of our website to independently consult the CORU register for the most up-to-date information on members’ registration statuses. You can check the register for free here:

Select the drop-down menu to choose the register for Speech and Language Therapists and then add the therapist’s surname or CORU number.