Marijke Morris

Marijke Morris

Practice Name: CATTS Ireland
Email: [email protected]
CORU Number: SL012191
Year of Qualification: 1997

About my practice

Hi, I am the founder of CATTS Online Therapy.

We use the latest technologies and fun, engaging methods to deliver therapy sessions through Zoom.

The CATTS practice see people from 6 weeks of age to adults! I LOVE working with children and adults with a broad range of speech and language needs, and I have a strong passion for early intervention, stuttering and voice therapy.  I also provide Gender-Affirming Voice and Communication Change therapy for Transgender and Gender-Diverse People .

To see how therapy works for the very young children, please take a look at our explainer here:
How we help children 0-4 years with communication difficulties!  .

On our main website, we also have handy explainers for age range for the person you are seeking help for to understand how we can assist you, and what the next steps are.

How we help children 5-9 years with communication difficulties!

How we help children 10-18 years with communication difficulties!

How we help Adults with communication difficulties!

If you are wondering if you or your child may need assistance or not, we have some quick screeners on each of the above ages which can help you decide.

Just remember, you are the expert on your child, if you have a concern about their communication development whatsoever, it is always best to get it checked out by a fully qualified Speech and Language Therapist.


We also have range of FREE Parent Courses to help parents while waiting for a Speech Therapy appointment.

You can find these courses here: CATTS FREE Courses for Parents

Our latest CPD course for Speech Therapists is now being launched at our dedicated site:
Speech & Language Tele-practice Essentials.

Whether you are a newbie, or ninja in online speech therapy, there will be something for you to learn here to help you ace your tele-practice sessions


Availability: I am available during weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday by appointment. If I am unavailable myself, one of my practice colleagues at CATTS should be able to assist you.

All new referrals to CATTS first go through our Practice Manager (Joe), so that we can get more information on your specific needs.

As we are an online therapy practice, each therapist on our team focuses and excels on specific areas of communication. If we feel that a colleague may be able to better suit your needs, we will advise you accordingly at the time.

Please take a moment to watch this video to see how we make Online Speech Therapy FUN!

Site and school visits are available within the greater Dublin area.

Qualification: B Comm, SLT, Uni of Pretoria

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