Paula Bradley

Practice Name: SLT Practice
Email: [email protected]

Address: Southbound N11, Exit 11, through Kilcoole village to Leabeg lane,

Corylus, Leabeg lane, Newcastle, Co Wicklow

About my practice

My clinic is based just outside Newcastle Co Wicklow.

I have over 30 years clinical experience in communication disorders and neuro rehabilitation -working with adults and adolescents with any problems in communication following brain injury (such as head injury/ stroke), and other neurological disorders and developmental neuro diverse conditions such as ASD.

Programmes may include a focus on:

Language (word finding problems, problems in understanding spoken or written language, problems in  expression),

Cognitive communication (attention, memory, information processing and comprehension; range of cognitive domains underpinning communication competence),

Social communication (problems in starting/stopping conversations, problems following and managing conversations efficiently, getting the point, keeping to the point, non-verbal communication, literality),

Speaking (voice, articulation and intonation),

I also offer programmes in social interaction skills for self expression and effective communication mainly with adolescents and adults, one-off consultations for reports and medical legal reports.

I do not currently offer a dysphagia service (service for eating and swallowing problems).

Availability: Operating from SLT Clinic in Newcastle Co Wicklow. Mon-Fri

Qualification: LCST – Dublin College Of Speech Therapy / Royal College of Speech Therapy, Masters degree in Linguistics – Trinity College, Dublin, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer

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