Paula Bradley

Paula Bradley

Practice Name: Neuro SLT
Email: [email protected]
CORU Number: SL018117
Year of Qualification: 1978

Address: Southbound N11, Exit 11, through Kilcoole village to Leabeg lane,

Corylus, Leabeg lane, Newcastle, Co Wicklow

About my practice

My clinic is based just outside Newcastle Co Wicklow and I work only with adults and adolescents.

I have over 30 years clinical experience in communication disorders and neuro rehabilitation -working with adults and adolescents with any problems in communication following brain injury (such as head injury/ stroke), other neurological disorders and developmental neuro diverse conditions such as ASD.

Programmes may include a focus on:

Language (word finding problems, problems in understanding spoken or written language, problems in  expression),

Cognitive communication (difficulty with attention to information, short term memory, processing information heard or read and comprehension of long or complex sentences; covering a range of cognitive domains underpinning communication competence),

Social communication (poor with rules of social engagement and managing conversations, problems in starting/stopping conversations, problems following group conversations efficiently, getting the point, keeping to the point, non-verbal communication, being over-literal and problems with understanding indirect language (inference, humour or sarcasm),

Speaking (voice, articulation and intonation),

I also offer programmes in social interaction skills for self expression and effective communication mainly with adolescents and adults, one-off consultations for reports and medical legal reports.

I do not currently offer a dysphagia service (service for eating and swallowing problems).

Availability: Operating from SLT Clinic in Newcastle Co Wicklow. Mon-Fri

Qualification: LCST – Dublin College Of Speech Therapy / Royal College of Speech Therapy, Masters degree in Linguistics – Trinity College, Dublin, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer

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